Monday, November 08, 2010


CTN Expo 2010 is just days away! I'll be at Booth t_02 along with the awesome Noah Klocek, where he'll be debuting his new sketchbook, which is just beautiful!

I'll be selling my laest sketchbook, "Bit's and Pieces, Vol. 4".

Also attending are my amazing buddies and friends I've met through the blogosphere:
Jose Lopez
Patrick Morgan
Walter Gatus
Stephen Silver
Mark McDonnell
David Colman
Louie del Carmen
Pascal Campion
Nicolas Villareal
Martin Hsu
David Derrick
Fleet Street Scandal
Benerd Joaquin
Jamie Baker
The Ctrl Zs
Smorgasbord Productions
Sho Murase
Eunjung Kim
Hanna Abi-Hanna
Gary Montalbano
Andy Ristaino
Robh Ruppel
Jim Capobianco
Sherm Cohen
Dave Pimental
Chris Ayers
Olivier Tossan
Catherine Maske
Cheeks Galloway
Francisco Herrera
Damon Bard
Kent Melton
Ovi Nedelcu
Brett Bean
Craig Elliott
Marceline Mars Zaruhi Galstian
Laura Dubuk Tabitha Draws
Ed Ghertner
Drake Brodahl
Patrick Awa
Ruel Pascual
Jason Pruett
Andre Barnwell
Craig Harris
Stefan Bucher
Mindy Lee
Eduardo Avenir
Kei Acedera
Lubomir Arsov
Eric Kahnehteh
Brian Ajhar
Dean Yeagle
Brittney Lee
Ken Turner
Loter Inc.
Jeremy Bernstein
Nancy Beiman
Valerio Ventura
Scott Wright
Frank Hansen
Bill Robinson
Fabian Molina
Donnachada Daly
Beth Sleven
Rik Maki
Chris Kennett
Michael Amos
Bobby Chiu
Liana Hee
Glenn Vilppu
Justin Orr
Stephanie Laberis
Ryan Hungerford
Humberto Ramos
Girls Drawin' Girls
Joe Weatherly
Kathy Zielinski
Ruben Procopio

Also, these speakers are scheduled to attend:
Heather Kenyon - Starz Animation
Armand Serrano!
Dice Tsutsami!Armand Serrano!
Michael Defeo
Guy Vasilovich
Tadahiro Uesugi
Pilar Alessandra
jamie Caliri
July Films
The Third Floor Inc.
Tony Bancroft
Don Hahn
Enrico Casarosa
Chris Bailey
Carter Goodrich
StoryboardArt Org
Peter de Seve
Carole Police
Headless Productions
Pablo Navarro
Andreas Deja
Mark Austin
John Musker
Mike Disa
Marcelo Vignali
Joe Gilland
Robert St. Pierre
Jerry Beck
Gary Goldman
Bruce Block
Angela Lepito - Dreamworks Animation
The Divine Line
max Howard
Bill Kroyer

Also attending will be the awesome, reliable Stuart Ng Books

Also, the amazing talented Betsy Bauer will be canvassing the floors with her beautiful postcards. If you're lucky enough to spot her, ask her for one!

This should be an awesome event!!! See you there!


Betsy Bauer said...

Looking forward to seeing you there!

joe said...

John you are the man!! Wow love the shapes!

Jelter said...

Love those sketches. The upper right ones are my faves.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the awesome post about CTN. Glad you'll be a part of it. Your work is awesome. See you there.

Chris Kennett said...

wow thanks for the mention. I'm looking forward to picking up your book. see you there

Dan szilagyi said...

Oh i know Joe Gilland, he was my head of 2D animation at the school i was in about 5 years ago.
he's an amazing FX's animator!

i'd love to go...if i was closer

John, on a different note i got your email at SDCC this year but i don't think i got it down properly? could you email me please? i have my address in my profile

thank you sir!

Cale Atkinson said...

Definitely going to be stopping by your table John!
Your work always inspires me and if anything it will just be nice to tell you that in person!

That and perhaps pick up your latest sketchbook!

- Cale

Angie said...

Hi John ~ it was nice talking to you today! (I was the girl showing u my portfolio on iPad) thanks a loooot for your tips :D it's really helpful on my future portfolio development!!! really appreciated!

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

Hey John, it was awesome talking with you at CTN. Will definitely be back next year, hopefully sooner. Im going to throw a link to your site on my blog, keep up the awesome blog posts!

Patrick Awa said...


Nice to see you again since Imagi.
Thanks for the fantastic books!
Hope all is well.

Mark Montague said...

Beautiful work. Really beautiful.

Kendra Melton said...

I picked up your Bits and Pieces Vol. 2 while you were away but wanted to say thanks for putting all of the books together. The sketches are wonderful!

Nelson Hernandez said...

Hi John

I met you at CTN Expo and you were extremely kind, helpful, and generous. It was a pleasure to finally meet you and talk to you. You gave me an extremely helpful critique. Best wishes and thanks again!

- Nelson

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