Friday, August 21, 2009

More blogs to Love ...

Some blog love for a Friday. Simply beautiful!

Mike Terry
The Amazing Gianna!
Yacin Fields
Wako Portfolio
Le Pied Dans Leau
No Talking
Futago Diary
Shaz Lym
Oriol Hernandez
Toni Fejzula
Pencil Blue
Ryan Lang
Andy Gaskill
Patrick O'Keefe
Pavemount Mouse
Pouch Junior
Stephan Royer
Tiny Sabya
Peter DeSeve

And please check out
Colin Stimpson's new blog!


RAWLS said...

Thanks John! Those are great! How's work going?

davespen said...

Gracias Hermano I look forward to these post everyday thanks again

Duker said...

Hey John ,
I know I already told you once how much I love when you post those list ,but seriously ,you really make my day :))

Thank again

philippeS said...

Hi thanks for putting my blog on your I never had so much visitors on my page

.guarajeno. said...

Hi John!
you post great blogs, they are all amazing!!


Saludos :)

Adam Temple said...

Thanks! Those Lilo layouts are insane! Wow.

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I've been watching your blog for years. Visiting is always inspiration squared. :D

oriol said...

Thanks for link me!!!!


Stephan S. Royer said...

Thank you so much for including my blog! What a huge honor, I love your work and would love to follow this blog :)

Very inspiring stuff with Lilo

Munchanka said...

Thanks John, these blogs are great! Just what my Monday morning needed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my blog John. It's very much appreciated!

Dave Pryor said...

As always - inspiring stuff!

Rob Bursey said...

always so much insipration to be found here. thanks as always!

Anonymous said...

THX SO much for including me!! discover great links wouwou thx

Shane said...

I always look forward to your link posts! It's the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Thanks John!.


Mike Terry said...

Wow! Thanks John for linking me! Your work has always been inspiring. I love going down the blog links on your blog to bookmark. Imagine my shock when I saw my blog included in the list! There are so many great artists out there- thanks for making the lists.

Ken Chandler said...

Thanks for the links John, I'm always on the lookout for other talent to draw inspiration from. There's so much talent out there.
Thanks too for sharing your work with us. Amazing!

Shaz Lym said...

Thanks for linking me John!... much appreciated... it was also a pleasure meeting you at the con... hope everythings good with you..


Mimi Cortazar said...

Hello! John...great links :)

Bryst said...

Very Amazing links, thanks!

scott said...

More beautiful art links to get inspired and frustrated by...;)
Thanks, John!

sebtikh said...

Hi M. Nevarez
thanks for link me.and for this wonderfull blog list.

Ivan Aguirre said...

what a great List.

flo said...

The perfect list.... Personally my favourite it is Mor-row. Firstly because it is a friend and secondly because it is really good

Pc Vikram said...

Dear John ,please do visit my blog when time permits..See the portfolio section.

wako said...

What an honor, Thanks for adding me!

Cheers ;)

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

ernie said...

hey john its me ernie . its been a while e mail me when u get i chance . i havent been able to email i wonder if u changed your email . well talk to u soon ernie ochoa

Gabriele Pasqualino said...

great list

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abhishek singh said...

some really cool one's n there!


Thanx! for adding me John and for the wonderfull bloglist.........thanx again!!!!!

Anonymous said...


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Genevieve Tsai said...
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Genevieve Tsai said...

Hi John!

Thank you for posting these lists! Your blog is a collection of awesome and inspiring artistic discoveries! I've put a link to your blog; I absolutely LOVE your whimsically fun and unique style!! ^__^


Anonymous said...

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recently, i think is amazing^


Mark said...

Sweet Links!

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