Thursday, January 01, 2009

Inspiring Blogs for 2009!!!

Again, inspiring work from around the world!!!

Alan Simmons
Jin Kim
David Lowery
Draw Through
Zaibor Car
Matte Art
Boy Robot
Shane Corn
Raul Cestaro
Edward Kinselaiii
Moss Covered
Leo Matsuda
Henrik Tamm
Ernesto Melo
Cloudy Pool
Sketchbook 1
Tom Humber
The House of Cool
Dave Pimental
Classic Illustrations
Mike Humphries
Jack Lee
Jonathan Lo
Etienne Jung
Ivan Oviedo
Steve Lambe
Sid Meireles
Chris Borges
Dan Bob Thompson
Mike Mac
Lab Partners


Anima base said...

WOW~~ very cool artists...

Artoonator said...

Great links, again!
If you'd like to view my blogger-profile page you'll find mine. Care to take a look?

Germán said...

Happy new year & thanks for the inspiration!

Shane said...

Wow thank you soo much John.. Im really humbled man .. and you should know Im a huge fan of your stuff.. so thank you very very much, and may you have a great year to come.

Vincenzo said...

Happy New Year John...your blog is a constant source of inspiration not only for your own work but for introducing other incredible artists to us as well...thank you!!!

All the best in '09

RAWLS said...

You're the man John! Super links! Happy New Year to you too my friend!

Ivan Oviedo said...

Happy new year John, your work is amazing!!!

Thanks soo much for add my link on your blog.

SteveLambe said...

Wow!! I'm both flattered and humbled by my inclusion in your list. Thanks, John.

Congrats on the new gig, btw! Looks good one you.

Erik D. Martin said...

Oooh lots of good links! Thanks for the all the cool find!

Mehdi Shiri said...

Happy new year
really awsome artists {link}

Marcelo Vignali said...

Wow, I can barely keep up with regulars, I don't know how you do it. Thanks for the post.

Happy New Year, and congrats on the new job.

Parka said...

Thanks for sharing these juicy links.

Jörn said...

So many links ... thanks;)

Puga Vida said...

Awesome! I always look forward to the new blogs! thanks John

Joe Romano 2 said...

John, Great stuff. Thanks so much for posting these. It's great to see what other artists are doing.

Julkillo said...

Really inspiring list,as usual

QuinTor said...

nice selection

Sidney Meireles said...

Hello John,
His works are among the best in the world, a big influence.
I was very happy to see my humble blog in his list of inspirations.

Erik Petri said...

Its inspiring to see what you have digging up.

Anonymous said...

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