Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comic_Con 2008

Wow, another year has gone by and it's time for Comic-Con !! "Bits & Pieces, Vol. 1 & 2" will be available at . These will be the last ashcan books I do. I know I mentioned it last year, but my hope is to do a bigger book in color next time with alot more stuff (more layouts then characters). I was a bit sidetracked with health issues and work deadllines. This year I and my booth buddies will be at a new location on the other side of the floor (near Stuart Ng). We'll be in Booth 5032 along with budextraordinaires Jose Lopez,
Patrick Morgan, Ed Acosta & Taesoo Kim.

Definitely check out these awesome folks at the Con:

Stuart Ng Books - Booths 5012, 5014, 5106, 5018 & 5020
Stephen Silver - Booth H06
David Colman - Booth H05

The Labyrinth Bookstore - Booth E9

One Sick Individual - Booth D06
Red Tango - Booth 4201 & 4300

Entertainment Art Academy - Booth 537

Alberto Ruiz/BrandStudio Press - Booth H03

Louie del Carmen & Octavio Rodriguez - Booth G04
Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera - Booth G06 & G07
Javier Guzman & Bob Rissetto - Booth F04

Bruno Werneck - F7

Kelsey Mann - H09
Loter, Inc. - Booth 4406
Hard Eight Comics - Booth 1034

Shelly Wan - Booth E04

Josh Parpan & Justin Parpan - Booth F2

I Will Destroy You (Tom Neely) - Booth 1533

Broadview Graphics (Robh Ruppel) - Booth 5463
Chris Sanders - Booth 2146

Ted Mathot, Derek Thompson & Eville Press - Booth 1534

Kevin Barber & Robin Mitchell - Booth E9

Pascal Campion & Michael Daley - Booth H11

Rik Maki (Digital Or Not) - Booth 5022
VanEatonGallery - Booth 501

Vin Teng & Anthony Vu - Booth G2
Justin Ridge, Dik Pose & et. al - Booth 1033
Donnachada Daly - Booth B08

Robert Valley - Booth HH-07

Deanna Marsigliese - Booth E9

Joe Bluhm - Booth 5507

Jason Peltz - Booth E9

Aimee Steinberger - Booth G9

Ryan Batcheller - Booth 4714

Scott Morse - Booth 4800

Ben Balistreri - Booth 5012

Hope to see as many of you as possible. See you there!!!


mc said...

Bonjour Je trouve ton blog génial
j'aimerait vraiment avoir ton talent bravo ton blog déchir grave pourrait tu me donné des petit conseil pour savoir un peut déssiné?
en espérant avoir une réponse de ta par
je te dit a bientot j'espere?

mon email

Edwin Rosell said...

Awesome! Thanks for this post!

Xavier Marrero said...

Hello John!
Thanks for this update. I've been writing on little notes the locations of everybody and now it's all here. Awesome! So grateful for your blog always so helpful. See you at the Con!


Osgood McSonogram said...

Thanks for the Hard 8 shoutout again dude! It'll be wicked swell to see you down there!

Anonymous said...

Hi John..thanks for the mention! Hope all is well.


Garrett Shikuma said...

Hey John! Thanks a lot for the Hard Eight booth mention! Amber and I are looking forward to seeing you again at the con!

Neelambari said...

Thank u so much for the post. Its a big pleasure to visit ur blog.There r so many things to learn,to see and to enjoy.Thank u once again.

abhishek singh said...

thanks for an overview news ..
sum of my fav on that list ..
i hope all hav a great con ..
thanks again for sharin valuable info

Anonymous said...

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