Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekly Beauties !

Grace Lee
Floyd Norman aka Mr. Fun
Lauren Montgomery
Le Pierre
Alex Cote
Wall Eyes World
Ross Dearsley
Fred Et Martin
GM Gallery
Ahmed Guerrouache
Le Almost Dying Cat
Michael Hussar
Digant Paintings
Aaron Becker
Matt Gaser
Chez Bubzr


Hrishikesh said...
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Hrishikesh said...
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Maly Siri said...

gosh thanks! i'll have much fun looking at them! thanks john!

mr poulpe said...

pfiuuu!!i passed about all my evening to check all the links you put on your blog!, all those artists made me crazy, so much of them are well-drawers...
and your work is just great and inspiring!!

Pinflux said...

Incredible links as always John!

Would it be too cheeky to ask you to have a squizz at my blog for consideration at some point?


Keep up the sweet blog hunting, thanks again!


Ramon Mejia Jr. said...

Wow! These artists are incredibly talented.

Mark Stroud said...

Ahh, link goodness. Good stuff as always.

rymit said...

great links! thanks for taking the time. you should link me sometime!


Arash Tirgari said...

Hey John...

Thanks for the library of links. Plenty of inspirationalwork.

Peace out

PS. Picked up the new Hans Bacher book...very nice stuff!

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

hey John! thank you for sharing these links, these artists are amazing..


Icha said...

Whoa, thanks a lot for putting my blog in your link list, it's quite an honor :)

me&dimensions said...

this r such a beauties.as u allways done john keep inspiring us by posting ur work & such a exciting links.thx for all.

kataplonk said...

Damned ! by Jove ! Blimey !

Thank you very much for adding me on these weekly beauties !! I am more than honored too...

(large smile full of teeth)

Vishu said...

Ola John!

Awesome list of blogs!....the only downside is....all the amazing work out there makes me feel so damn insignificant!!:(......

Vincenzo said...

Jeez...what a great list of talent!!! Thanks for posting these as always!

Anonymous said...

I miss when you do drawingsah!!!

digant sutar said...

thanks a lot for putting my blog in your link list, it's an honor to me and now i had to do more and more good work to stay among this masters,
thanks again...

Ahmed GUERROUACHE said...

yeah ! me too !
thanks very much for putting my blog in your link list... great honor ! ( well, it doesn t sound really original....)

Lorraine said...

Great looking at all of these. Thankx!

Bau:4.0 said...

Me gustan estos trabajos, son bellisimos, cada uno es bueno, es dificil seleccionar a uno de ellos.

I like this work, is beautifull,

abhishek singh said...

i've been following all the assorted blogs and learning a great deal from it .i'm a huge fan of yours n your work .
i'll be humbeled if u can see some attempts at my blog and give me your views

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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