Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dragon Sketch

Here is a sketch I did for the current sketchbook for "Dragon Sketches" by Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera. Bobby and Kei, thank you so much for including me into your amaziing series of inspiring sketchbooks. About every few months, they produce some amazing sketchbooks with varying themes and invite different artists from around the world to participate. For more information where you can purchase a copy, please visit their site and click on the "store" tab on top.


Joe Karg said...

Wow John! Super cool. Is that your dragon or did you have to use photos?


JC said...

great stuff! awesome dragon.

Mark Montague said...

Hey great dragon.

I like his dainty little feet.

It would be great to see an animated film done in that loose pencil style.

Richie T. said...

Nice dragon John, I especially like the horns and the tiny feet and wings!!

Sketchbook art is by far my favorite so I will be looking forward to seeing the book!

Gillian said...

ah this is gold John!!

Hethe Srodawa said...

Oh man! So cool!

marcobucci said...

that's friggin awesome!

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice man. Great feel,


Nathan Lindsay said...

I dig it John. I love your shading.

spike the surf dog said...

Beautiful sketch man! I love the shapes!

Shawn Escott said...

This is awesome! I saw some of the other preview sketches from Bobby and Kei and they are all rock'n! That book must be full of amazing work.

Josh Parpan said...


Bobby Chiu said...

Hey John,
Thanks for the post! Kei and I are both so honored to have you in the Dragon sketches book. You have such a wonderful style.


Sarita Kolhatkar said...

I love this blog! Very nice drawing!

Billy George said...

Awesome dragon.
We have your sketchbooks down at work- theyre always inspirational. Makes me miss animation!

Oliver Kurth said...

Now that's a nice dragon, Sir! Wonderful sketch indeed. The little clouds of smoke are funny!

Actually I did a dragon myself some time ago over here:

I'd be delighted if you'd take a look :)

marco piersma said...

Great sketch!

Leonardo Alannis said...

interesting drawing. The dermal shapes are a fresh alternative to the hexagonal polygons they put on most reptilian reconstructions.

Bryan Wynia said...

Great work John. This guy is full of character!

Philippe Gady said...

La grande classe!

joonasjoonas said...

That is somehow cute! awesome!

cbiv85 said...

Your work is always amazing John. Keep up the good work man. I think I might check out that book.

Puga Vida said...

Ha bien chingon como siempre! Nice, you know I've been doing alot of thumbnails and I try to do some tonal like you, but man! i suck! is their like a trick for doing it or a special pencil that you use?? or is it just the magic of Nevarez?

Amazing work as always

lelisblogspot said...

Great, John!

Philip Dimitriadis said...

Hi John, Hope all is well! Awesome Dragon buddy!!!
Great stuff!!

RoB said...

Great Dragon Drawing! As always wonderful and inspiring work!


Esaulov Ilya said...

Always very to like, with what ease and laconicalness transfer an image of the character. And during too time all moderately and only is enough.

R.A. MacNeil said...

Wow cool dragon, and congrats on selling out off bits and pieces II.


Ross Dearsley said...

Lovely sketch John - and congratulations on a fantastic blog - so much cool art!

[And thanks for your mention of my blog a while ago - I'm honoured]

Anonymous said...

super cute design
something very cat like about him/her
nice tones

Jackson said...

Awesome dragon sketch! Thanks for the links to all great talent out there.

Dan szilagyi said...

hope you had a great hoilday with family and friends john.
Awesome dragon post, i so envy your style.

looking forward to seeing what you'll post up this year!


Andy Espinoza said...

Great stuff you got here and thanks for all the links! I've looked through them all

sean said...

awesome drawing! thanks for all the great stuff you post--always an inspiration!

Alina Chau said...

Great dragon!

shane oakley said...

Brill dragon - love your stuff!
Really appreciate all the links(tho' i should be at the drawing board, instead of sitting at the PC drooling away my afternoons)but i'd like to see more John Nevarez!
Cheers, Shane.

Marie Thorhauge said...

Hi, I had to leave a comment for this one - Grrreeat dragon my man! You make some really incredible stuff =) awesome designs


Rachel J Wong said...

love the shapes on this!

sexy said...




Anonymous said...

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