Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mas Good Stuff!!!

More awesomely talented folks!!!:

I ke7In
Sheridan Animation Students
Tiny Sabya
Damian's Random Blog
Carpally Motivated
Arree Chung
The Amazing Chris Battle
Gordon Hammond
2D Bean
The Always Inspiring Patch of Orange
Joe Olson
Peter Maynez
Button Head City
The Awesome Ovi Nedelcu
La Bulle de Ceyles
Terry Song
The Guture
Ryan David Jones
Franc Reyes
Murchie Monster
The Mind Blowing Patrick Mate
Ferdinand Kreozot
Cartoon Cave
Not So Great Expectations
Inner Workings Art Book
The Super Uber talented Jim Schlenker
Andy Park Art
JF Muro
Jessica Yeomans


I'm Imranul Haque said...

thanks a lot for adding me :D

Bakaburra said...

Thanks for adding this wonderful stuff, and continue exploring weblogs!!

Chris Battle said...

The "Amazing" Chris Battle?

You are too kind, sir! Thanks, buddy.

Ke7in said...

Thanks a load John. Right at the top of the list, cool. I will point out that the name is actually a play on my name, the movie Se7en, and apples "i" products. Hence "i+Kevin-v+7."

I feel bad for being picky, but you're version sounds oddly dirty. :P

Thanks again John

Dan Szilagyi said...

WOW!! thanks so much for putting me on this list john!!! its such an honor.
keep up your awesome work!!

Doug Williams said...

Man, thanks for putting me on the list too! Usually being put on a list is a sign of an untimely end though.

I've been a fan of your work since I saw it on Lines and Color. I recognized your name right away, I was just jazzed you saw my stuff!

Thanks again!

BEN said...

uaah!! another coooool linkss!!
Tell the true.. you're Santa Claus!!

Jeff Murchie said...

John!! Man, it means so much to me that you have seen my work and like it! Seriously, it is a huge encouragement. I have been inspired by your work for years now. Can't wait to see what you're up to next!