Monday, October 29, 2007

Inspiration: Denise Blakely Fuller

I'm very happy to announce that my coworker and superbud Denise Blakely Fuller finally has a blog! I've been looking at her work for years and she is amazing. She does it all; paint, draw, design, art direct, everything. Go check her out!!


Calvin Tsang said...

Another amazing artist join the blog world.
Thanks for sharing . John

Eric Vanucci said...

Amazing work! Very nice angles and colours! I´m very impressed!

Pam said...

really nice! colours are english is awful but i want say all of you are amazing!

Billy George said...

Really amazing work! Glad shes got a blog.

Playkill said...


Ken said...

wow - im going straight away!

k' said...

just one word: amazing!!

Paulo Crumbim said...

big atmosphere, very good

FS said...

hi man!
My old link is in your blog, i have a new link with my stuff, it is:

thank you and congratulations for the great work!!!


Great sillouhettes!!

K and Krew.

Tobias Schwarz said...

Love the top onr

Jörn Gebert said...

Wow, Denise is really a great one. These wolfs and the room of tarzan are outstanding.

CárcamO said...

trabajos maravillosos.te felicito.

Adam_Pintek said...

I love the shapes!
amazing work

Magikat said...

how wonderfull

fourmi said...

I really enjoy to come on your blog... Each time, fantastic work is shared..Thank you for that...

Tristan said...


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