Wednesday, July 11, 2007


... and more beautiful work from around the world!!!!

Lab Luna
Brandon Dorman
Les Uberz
Francis Vallejo
E Mayfiel
K Langley
Jake Panian
Joey Art
joey's Portfolio
Fred Cline
Cedric Hohnstadt
PC Vikram
Anita Kim
Jarman Art
Nikolas Ilic
Brant Moon Art
Todd Winter
DeJarnette Designs
Kelly Versaggi
Alp Altiner
Shahen Jordan
Guillame Bonamy
Pedro Daniel GP
Pepe Online Laboratory
Bambino Monkey
Alberto Toyos
Baz Designs
Brit Sketch
Misael Jesus
James Baker
Mailys Vallade
Jolly Monge
Virginia Critchfield
Piratos Locos
Andrew Arts Blog
Chris Carman


virginia critchfield said...

wow, I'm honored

Tom said...

This is great, John. Thanks for all the inspiration!

davespen said...

Gracias hermano i alway look forward to your blog post its cool to see how your alway giving props to other artist thanks again

Stereotopffer said...

Hey i've been looking to your links for a long time and now i see that you are linking my studio mate Bambino; he is a inspiring illustrator and animator, i will tell him!

karimq said...

thanks John for your support, You RuleZzZzZZzz man


Keep In touch!

Craig Mackay said...

No one spreads the love like you, John! Thanks for the inspiration and the generous props you give the inspiring and aspiring artists around you.

Nick said...

hey thanks for the link, it is really inspiring from a professional.

Evan Mayfield said...

Hey John, thanks alot for the link. It means an incredible amount coming from you.

Cedric said...

John, thanks very much for the link. Brought lots of traffic to the new blog. Hope the 'Con was fantastic!

smokingcoolcat said...

so many cool links! great inspiration