Tuesday, May 22, 2007

TENG Inspiration: More Kevin Nelson

All work on this post copyright Disney


SalBa Combé said...

WOOOU!!! Your stuff is awesome!
I've linked you in my blog, if you don't mind
See you!

yop-BB said...


Grant Alexander said...

Thank you so much John! I really appreciate you sharing all this work.
There's no way we would ever have the opportunity.


Justin Rodrigues said...

thanks for sharing all this great stuff john. TENG is probably on eof my fav Disney movies!

Marcos Gp said...

kingdom of the sun had a great look :( Thanks so much for sharing the artwork in your blog

Skiatch said...

Thanks for sharing these amazing artworks.

Paulo Crumbim said...

I admire its work very :]

Tom Kidd said...

I like the stream of water on Chicha's Hut and I like the way you have the doorway shaded. The stairs might be a bit slippery to ascend though but that might be good. I wonder what the director thinks of this and where the water might be coming from.

The other homes are quite inventive. Wait, these are little houses aren't they? I like the storyboards too. The little drawings in the corner of the last one intrigue me.

Mespind said...

Big inspiration!!!

m.j. Nuñez said...

wooow..!! increíble, estan de pelos,
un trabajo excelente,

muy inspirador.



Dave said...

So nice! Thanks a lot :)

Mike Boldt said...

I've had the E.N.Groove DVD with extras for years and I just cannot get over the work that you never get to see in the movie. All the behind the scenes stuff is just awesome, and obviously helped create this great, if under appreciated, film.

Thanks again for the refresher.


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