Sunday, January 14, 2007

Monday morning Love!!!!!!

Urban Barbarian (great stuff)
Todd Wilderman
Luc Desmarchelier
Luis Grane I work with Luis, and he is amazing!!!!!
Dan Platt
Chris Goal
Marraz Kilarixe
J Ferlop Gallery
Alfred Llupia
Joonas Joonas
Vincent Altamore Great, great caricaturist!!!
Creative Talent Network Blog
Sam Rusztyn
Mark Andrew Bailey
Vinton Heuck
Yarrow and Carrie Cheney
JC Sketchblog
Gerald Draws
Robert MacKenzie
Craig Berry
Willie Real
Fresh Zebra
Nathan Sisler
Skill of the Vagabond
Sketchbook Chronicles
Jie Studio
Vincent Di
Sunny Apinchapong
Ying Guang
Von Kummant
Andrew Bosley
Christian Alzmann

Fairfield Short (Unfortunately, this short is shelved, but just look at the amazing work and check out its artists!!!)

Old Children's books Another great resorce!


joonasjoonas said...

Thanks for links, and thanks for linking me too.

Rob Bursey said...

these are some really inspiring links! thanks for sharing them :D

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

thanks for linking me and my friends too!

i happen to think you are a real master artist by the way!

Mihir Malavia said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Also brilliant work John. keep up the good work.

IZA said...

Such Great Stuff and References! Thanks man, and your artwork is awesome!!!
Keep the links coming!

F.S. Bohrer said...
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F.S. Bohrer said...

Oh my gosh i need to work!!!
Thanks for this vicious lights John.
Your artwork is amazing.

"I don't know about you jonh, but i have a lot of fun" (words of some singer with J. Cash.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Thanks for including me, John! As usual, I'm blown away by all the great art blogs out there. So much inspiration!

Malin H said...

hanks for sharing good links and inspiring drawings! I will definitely be back for a closer look!

mackenzie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and offering the kind words. And thanks sharing all of these other inspiring blogs with us. I've spent most of monday morning drooling over a lot of amazing work I had never seen before.

sass gordon said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Whether it's your work or others, this blog never ceases to amaze.

Robbo said...

Got yer sketchbooks bro, my students are all over them ,


A.Llupia said...

Thanks John to link me among these great artists,and what a wonderful artworks you bring!greetings!

sebhary said...

thanks for the links man!

Andrew Bosley said...

Thanks, John, for visiting my blog! It is very kind of you to include me with such amazing artists. Thanks, also, for your amazing work! Very motivating!

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