Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The Drawing Studio
Mike Stanislavsky
Oren Haskins
Mathias Verhasselt
Toolz of the Trade
Pavement Mouse
Nino Navarra
Il Dono Di Eric
Dark SuperHero
Studio 5
Aldo Gagliardi
Clints Jalopy
Los Doodlers
Dog Days of Animation
Robert Gold
Studio Alcarriadelatado
Roger Cruz
Carlos Ruano
Andrea Blasich


Chris Sims said...

Wonderful links as always. I gotta take my time when looking through the links. Too much great art could give me a heart attack!

Andre Barnwell said...

I second that. Nice shouting and out ang bigging up artist near and far and for inspiring those who are grwoing as artist. Great stuff.

the doodlers said...

Hey! We just discovered you gave us a shout-out! Thanks for the mention, John. We very much appreciate it.

We'll be spending the next few days discovering many of the other groovy artists on your list. That's some pretty nice company to be in.

Cheers and best of the holidays to yah!

Mars Cabrera said...

This site rocks!! Thnks for the links!!

Lord Grimthorn said...

Thanks for the links John!

Todd Harris said...

nice links, thanks for posting. have a great holiday season.

Jampix said...

Those are truly wonderful blogs!

Thanks for sharing...very inspiring:)

Beezle said...

Another great batch of links, John. Thanks!!

Aaron Paetz said...

Thanks for sharing all of these great links!... It's great that you are supporting the community, John!

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