Friday, December 01, 2006


Yeah, it's been awhile, but needed to share more awesome artists who are blogging away. Get inspired at these talented folks!!

Jeff Agala
Krista Huot
Aaron Hammersley
WhiteHall Studios
Flouis Marie
Fabian Lacey
Ghost First
Todd Art Blog
400 Lb Ninja
Blue Submarine 821
Edwin Rosell
Art Center Slave
Michael Relth
Caffeine Artist
Victoria Ying
Pascal Campion
Schroeder Art
Helder Upside Down
Katy Hargrove
InkBrush N Me
Juampa Dalton
Daniel Sulleiman
GH Graphics
Marco Bucci
Les Coulisses De La Baraque
Roland Mechael
Kurt Klockau

Gerry Melendez My buddy from UCSB (Great photographer!!)

Thomas Fluharty
Die Bilderwumme
Sebastian Kruger (Yes, that Sebastian Kruger, and he's got a blog!!)
Hobo Divine
Aaron Horvath

And more to come....


Henning Ahlers said...

Hi John,
thanks for putting our
"Bilderwumme" and the Kruger-Blog
on your list!

All the best,

cdeboda said...

Some cool links here. Thanks!

Twitchydigit said...

You're really good at showing off other artists work. I appreciate that. Thanks for the great links!

Kurt Klockau said...

Hey John - Thanks for giving my blog a nodd. Unfortunately every one else on that list has art that kicks the crap out of mine... I need to get working.

Pierre FIHUE said...

Thanks for the links !

Edwin Rosell said...

hi John
I'm a big fan of your work so its a real honor to get included in that list!
Much thanks!

GHGraphics said...

Hey John, thanks a lot for putting me up here. It was unexpected but very appreciated. You've been a big inspiration to me.

Take care.

martin wittig said...

Thganks for the links! Wonderful work too:)))

AdaMmmmm said...

as always, thanks for the continued supply of inspiration and motivation

Roland Mechael said...

hey john,
it's an honor to be included on your list! thanks a lot for the inspiration! ;)

harshvardhan kadam said...

i am surprised to see myself here...
thanks John....


Anonymous said...

Hello John!

Thanks for the shout-out.


~Hobo Divine

Dominick said...

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