Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Some More Colin Stimpson Beauties ...

Came across these recently as I was cleaning house. Just a sample of Colin's mastery for work he did on "Emperor's New Groove 2". He truly is a Photoshop master. Effortless, fluid, and so damn inspiring. If you haven't seen it, check out his website.

"The Poison Diaries", a book Colin recently illustrated for the Duchess of Northhumberland is out and available on Amazon UK. It includes some of the most beautiful and scary illustrations I've seen.


toni reyna said...

wow! impresive art.You always have wonderfull gifts for our eyes.

. said...
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craig said...

man..super inspiring work. Great link!

Dave David said...

I like the bottom two. The comp on the last one is great.

Silver's Knight said...

Hey John, thanks again for sharing Colin's inspiring artworks! and great work as always! =)

Hans said...

Yessir, Stimpson is a true genius! Can't get enough of his stuff, it's all so inspiring.
Thanks for sharing John;)


roque said...


Andrew said...

Wow! His work is definatley very impressive!

activar said...

wowowow! exelent! exelent!
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lelisblogspot said...

Uau! Wonderful!

Marcelo Braga said...

I really like these kind of drawings. They are hard to meke right because they're so simple, and yet they tell us a lot of things. It feels like you could make dozens of those in one day. Really cool.

Armand Serrano said...

Great stuff. Thanks for posting Colin's work, John.

marcobucci said...

These are unbelievably fun to look at!

Marcos Mateu said...

Good to see his artwork again. Colin was my supervisor the moment I landed in animation. Great artist, really cool guy.

katzenjammer studios said...

wow. amazing find. this stuff is great to look at and study.

martin wittig said...

Thanks for posting these! Amazing work!!:)

the doodlers said...

Wow. As you say... effortless and fluid. Thanks for putting these up.

Dave said...

Thanks for sharing! Really great work :D

lee said...

amazing stuff here John, thank you for sharing it with us.

Angelo said...

HOOOLLY MACKERONI my friend !!!! :)
this are amazing!!!!!
Its been a wile that I didn't drop by to your blog...Whooww!!

Sandro said...

hi master!!!good stuff!!Greta Artist!!it's incredible!!

the doodlers said...

It's cool that these are all monotone warm grey. They have so much life they feel as though they're in colour.

Mars Cabrera said...

It rocks, man!!! These artworks are sooooo FETCH!!

Jav said...

Yeah, Colin Stimpson rocks... he makes me sick... Hope all is well with ya! Hope we get to see some more stuff soon!

MATRIX said...

waou, superbe travail, très enrichissant.

Richard Gaines said...

Colin Stimpson's work just blows me away!! I wish I had an apprenticeship with someone like that. Thanks for sharing, John!

Ryan said...

Beautiful, thansk for posting these!

Heath said...

Cool! Thanks for the heads up!

Todd Harris said...

great posting, it's so good to see inspiring art. nice link too.

UrbanBarbarian said...

Good, good stuff!!! Thanks for posting it!

Sumeet Surve said...

Thanks for posting these John, they all r amazing.

Shawny said...

I love these environments, They are effortless but beautiful.

Jo Bling said...

This all done in Photoshop??? Wow. OK, need to think hard about learning how to uses this gubbins now.......

Lovely site, sir!


Yaxin said...

lights and sahadows are splendid

UrbanBarbarian said...

Amazing talent! Wish I could draw like that!

Roc said...

real nice stuff, man. gotta keep checkin' back

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