Friday, October 06, 2006

Sam Michlap Workshop AT EAA


So happy to announce that my mentor and super cool dude Sam Michlap will host a workshop at the Entertainment Art Academy
in Pasadena, CA on Sunday, November 12th from 11-2PM. He will discuss his approach in creating story moments for film as well as his experiences in animation. This is not to be missed because Sam is the ultimate pro: he's prolific, passionate about the craft, and has a tough-love personality which inspires folks to be their very best!

Sam just recently posted new work on his site from Hunchback, Sinbad and Prince of Egypt. So damn good!!!!! See you there!


Gerald said...

WOW! Incredible work and detail. I am just floored at the lighting and textures.

Mars Cabrera said...

I agree! fantastic artworks!! this is a great site!

Bobby Chiu said...

wish I could be there... sounds interesting.

Wish those dang pics were bigger too :P

hope you're doing well John

Silver's Knight said...

thanks for sharing this pics John! great work! i wish i could be there too!

sebhary said...

where can I found prince of egypt artbook?? (I don't find in amazon and e bay...)
PRINCE OF EGYPT was an incredible animation movie, perhaps the better I've seen...(and I've seen a lot of animation movie since ^^) but is still my favourite!

Ryan Kramer said...

i'm all over that date! sam's stuff blows me away...I'll be at your workshop at EAA too john!

Dominic Bugatto said...

lovely stuff.