Friday, September 15, 2006

Weekend Inspiration

Arnu West
Le Grand Vrac
Brilliant Anyway
BD Gloum
Enzo Avolio
Yoshi Tamura
Rune Bennicke
Pink's Blog
The Astonish Factory
Olve's blog


German Torres said...

wow! your blog is perfect for see other blogs! and other fantastic people!

galvinator said...

very humbled that you added a link to my blog; you have my most emphatic thanks. Your work is fantastic, I've been visiting your blog since you added the link from the sketchbooksessions site, really inspiring stuff man, keep it going.

BINO said...

Thanks you for the link John.
Be welcome in my portfolio! You'll find sketches, illustrations, 3d and some contest works.
Actually I post works of Alice in Wonderland done for an international contest : Figures Futur.
So leave me a comment, and I'll be really happy to answer you!!!

Thanks and see you soon!


Palin. said...

I am really surprised and glad to see that you have put my blog in your Weekend Inspiration 's links.
Thanks for visiting my Blog!

Take care John!

See you soon

Adrian Ropp said...

Thanks for all the great links. I don't know what I'd do without you!

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for these :) I have this never-ending list of great artists saved to my favourites C:

How awesome, Enzo Avolio is my character deisgn teacher at Sheridan College :)

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