Friday, September 01, 2006

More wonderful painters ( geniuses)...

I seriously need to post some stuff. But here is some seriously amazing eye-candy to sweeten the art tooth!!

Dermot Power
Marcos Mateu
Drawings from a Mexican
Nathan Fowkes
Mike Hernandez
Mark Kennedy (Great, great site for story and more!!!)
John Watkiss
Adam Ford
Lou Romano
Rodney F
Animation Rollercoaster
Ken Harsha
Toby Wilson
Steve Burg
J Hua
Christopher Greco
Steve Gordon
Allen Tam
Think Tank Studios
Raymond Xu
Thierry Martin
Bruce Zick


Joshua Flint said...

Hey John-

Thanks for all the links to other great artists. I am more focused on gallery painting, but I come from an illustration background and really like a lot of what I see. Looking at all sorts of things sparks my creativity. So Thanks. If you want to see what I do go to:

Happy drawing,
Josh flint

thierry martin alias matrix said...

waou, merci pour le lien

Gillian said...

Great Blog John, I can't wait for another post from you

Jarrett said...

Our boy Ray is takin' OVA! Cool links, John!

A. Riabovitchev said...

John,Thank you very much for all the links!:O)

Ricardo said...

Thanks for linking Snake Eyes in a previous post and also for assembling these links. They are very informative. Excellent artwork by the way.


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