Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mi bros from "Class of the Titans"...

Want to give some love to my mentor and dear friend Brad Goodchild, who's directing on "Class of the Titans" at Studio B Productions in Vancouver, as well as to a new friend, the amazingly talented Todd Demong. Check out all the amazingly beautiful work done on the show, as well as their personal sketches!!! Simply beautiful fellas!!!

And check out these amazing folks below!


Angelo said...

its really nice to see you stend up for your bros :)... is ammazing have them..they keep our love for art always full and recharge to do more. Todd art work is really nice.I suggest him to contact sony..for his lovely spiderman concept...I really hope that Sony will buy it from him or hire him for more concept towords that line, since from their last Spiderman preview it show that they really need people like him !!! :)

jon suzuki said...

mr. nevarez-

i would really appreciate a sketchbook. i figured i could get one from you after con as you seemed quite busy. can i have a sketch included too???


Blair Kitchen said...

John, Thanks again for the link!! I think everyone who looks at my blog enters through yours! There is a lot of talented people out there blogging. It's nice that you post links to all of them. You've got some really really nice stuff on your blog. I'm looking forward to getting one of your sketchbooks.

orionlesc said...

thanks for your link!
you have very good links here!
its amazing that you have time to draw...XD

good work!

joto said...

Thanks for the great links, there are some really talented people out their and wonderful sources of inspiration.

Dave Pryor said...

I definitely agree - great stuff.
Nice to finally meet you at Comic-Con this year! Could you be any friendlier?
The answer is no. ;)

Have a great day

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