Thursday, June 15, 2006

For Patrick C.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

These are nice!!! Great compostitions, gestures, expressions. I sense a story, or perhaps 2 here that I want to read/watch/hear. Really nice!

Walauweee said...

Beautiful!!! Im a big fan of those swirly thingy that you put on the hair of that creepy looking boy standing on a stone. Love it!

raul said...

you are very good, do you know that? ;)
i am very happy because you use to show a new skech every day!!!
so i enter in this blog every single day
thank you!!

Marmax said...

Frickin' awesome John!

Patrick Costa said...

Okay the bottom one John, love it. Give it to me. Seriously though, really nice.

vikram said...

Amazing really inspiring


Emily How said...

WOW John, AMAZING work!! It's such a treat to visit your blog!

David Colman said...

what a great character on this top sketch!!!! nice design and so much life in the simple shape

Pasquale said...

Hi John;
What can I say?
Great talent,marvelous sketches,beautiful composition,etc.
You inspire me!!

Juanma said...

the second one is great I wonder what it is.
To me looks like a Incan or mayan god, appearing to a couple of ...roman senators??
No seriously what is it

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