Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Oliver Kurth said...

I like skeletons. And I like pirates. But the combination of both I like the most! Great sketches, man - like always ...

Many thanks for putting us on your "More Inspiracion" post. We feel honoured and of course returned the favour by linking you on our little blog.

Drop by and leave a comment!


Fred Sposito said...

I loved your stuff!

martin wittig said...

awesome work!!! Are these for a studio project? Or are they personal works?


fierce! diggin this character.

Victor Ens said...

Yeah, this one totaly rocks, man !
Incredible how less details are necessary and still it's totaly clear.
Fantastic work!!!

Shawn Scott Palmer said...

Whenever I have "artist's block" I can always come to your site and count on you for inspiration. Awesome stuff as usual!!!

Lubomir said...

Nice pose man! I love seeing your pirate and gladiator sketches.

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