Wednesday, May 03, 2006



St John Street said...

Great warms!!!!!

Patrick Costa said...

John these are beautiful. I really really like those last two pages.

Ben Reynolds said...

super cool. SO nice

Hans said...

Excellent warmups John, I especially like.....all of it! looks like some cool pirate stuff. Can't get enough of that:)

Are you still working on "Tink", or have you moved on to another project?

Take care and have a great day,


martin wittig said...

Wow!!!! All i can say

Kactiguy said...

Very cool stuff. Love those loose sketches.

Nick Sung said...

NIce post John!
I'm a big fan of that last page!

Rob Bodnar said...

Awsome! Is that color? I see some color!

Anonymous said...


H - E - A - R - T




Steve said...

Today is a good day =]

Cedric said...

Nice stuff. The tonal work adds a great punch to your sketches.

BLECHA! said...

Hey John

Love the scurvy salty sea dogs! Can't wait for the fish mutant pirates this summer.

Thanks for the blog linkage. I'll have a booth with Jason Felix at Comicon this year. We'll come on by to say "Arrgh!"

Aiphos said...

all i can say is im in school for animation and your work is plastering the very walls of my cubicle. i am very inspired by your work. thanks for sharing your stuff. it keeps me going.

Juanma said...

Hey there Nevarez...great art. nice structural faces, loose and careless That my kinda doodle.!

By the way are you Latin, spanish?

craig said...

...warmups!.oh man. These are great John

Antonio Santamaria said...

John... Why!!! Why!!!... Your warm ups are for me like... like... I can explain it... Your pencil is fantastic, also your style. You are really a reference!!!
Saludos from Spain!

Calvin Tsang said...

Beautiful sketches!

Smook said...

I agree with Mr. Sung, loving that third page too!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful sketches!:O)

Sandro said...

yo yo yo!!!wonderfull!!!

Sandro said...

ehm..wonderfuL! ^__^

rupesh said...

Cool !!!! This is such a cool character!!

Jafar said...

Well..i'll also repeat what has been said above..its great!

James Dylan said...

nice to see ya posting again John! great stuff!

Pusha V said...

Nice work!!! :)

UM said...

Where's my book?

Victor Ens said...

Awesome sketches man. Very, very cool !!

Santy Gutiérrez said...

you make easy what others (like me)can only try to do.
You draw as I woul like to... I'll keep on learning, promise to do my homework.
Congrats, man.

Sumeet Surve said...

If so good r these warm ups, then whats after that???

Did u watch "lord of the rings" before u did them???

Keep it up man!!! Adios.

vikram said...

U really rock man!!!! These are really awesome drawings. Inspiring work!!!!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Damn! These are great! Each one - a little gem!

Germán said...

great to see u back!

Mark said...

wicked stuff as usual

the doodlers said...

There's a sensitive side to these scurvey dogs. The characters all have a warth to them. Not sappy, just a real presence.

vikram said...

Hey John!!! U just rock man!!! I always remain amazed when I see the force and power in ur lines. Very inspiring work. All of them are too good.

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