Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Magic continues on ...

Island Boy Studios
Nollan Obena
Tom Hester Studios
Dave Pimental
Belicta Castelbarco
Flip Studios
Brian Hatfield
Steve Vitale
Joel Trussell
Ded Grotty
Art by Dawud
Chris DeBoda
Hand Drawn Nomad Zone
Sketch Mt
The Blobulent Soup
Olga Stern
Shawn Scott

More to come fore sure ...


Hans said...

Hey John,

Thanks for sharing the links and I'm glad to see Brian Hatfield on the list. I had the pleasure of working with him last year and was and still am impressed by his awesome character designs and storyboards.

Take care,


flipstudios said...

Thanks for posting my blog link. I'm gonna have to post more consistently now that more people are visiting. Once again, your work is terribly inspiring and I look forward to seeing more.


Victor Ens said...

WOW !! (:o D
So much talented people. Incredible !!
Thanks for sharing !

i mensah said...

thats a lot of cool links... will be interesting to see all the cool projects coming up



cdeboda said...

Hey John...thanks for the plug and for sharing all those links. Lots of good stuff out there. Thanks again.

Jack said...

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fourth aly said...

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