Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Still here!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted so long. It's been very busy, but I'm having alot of fun!!! I'll explain more later. Hope to load more pics next week. And to those good folks still awaiting a sketch and sketchbook, I should have them out (honestly), by next week. Til then, fists high and dwawin'!!!


Hans said...

Welcome back John, you've been missed!:) and what a comeback, it looks awesome. What's the Vegas part??
Have you been busy wrapping up the Tinker movie or what are you working on now?


Tiago Rovida said...
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Tiago Rovida said...

Good !!! you return!!!Now I can continue to get more really good inspiration to my work!!

Ray Villalba said...

Glad to see your work up again. Good to know your back John.

geenpool said...

you are a manly "i respect you as an artist" kinda of way

Alina Chau said...

YEAH!! Great to see you are back, John!! AWESOME drawing!! Looking forward to see all your new goodies!! WELCOME BACK!!

wintermonkey said...

woo hoo!! well, i (like everyone else i'm sure) have been checking daily - usually more than once so this is a treat. great stuff!

Sandro said...

Ih "Master" John,Thanks for your visit in my blog..and for your compliments! Welcome Back! You know that your work is inspiration for me!

Kaveh said...

And now I will state the obvious: You're back!!! I had just about given up on you with my hopes and dreams of your return to teach me more design stuff. Glad to see you're alive!

Victor Ens said...

AAAAAAHH John !!!John is back !! FINALY. It's like I found water in the desert, puuuh. :-)
Good to see new work of yours, man.


Kactiguy said...

Arrrgh! Ye can't go wrong with pirates. They be nice.

Matt J said...

. . .& we're STILL HERE!! Still waiting for the sketchbooks we bought last year!

Matt & Uli

Patrick Costa said...

Holy crap he's alive!!!

I love this stuff.

craig said...

darn it's good to see these energetic drawings again John!

AHdez said...

John, me encanta tu trabajo, es genial.
Un abrazo.

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Aha! the legendary John, has resurfaced...Good to see you back in action. Let's do lunch soon!

milo said...

Awesome work!!! Keep the posts comin!

cdeboda said...

Hooray! John has returned! Looking forward to the new stuff.

the doodlers said...

Arrrr, pirate goodness. Love that silvery pencil work...

the doodlers said...

PS: We added your wonderful blog to our links. Cheers!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Welcom Back John!Good to see your new work!:O)

Smook said...

There's my fix.

martin wittig said...

Yeeeeeaaaahhhhaa! Good to see you back! The sketch looks great!:)

UrbanBarbarian said...

Looks effortless. So much life in there!

St John Street said...

wow he's alive Love the new post just went to by Ric Sluiter at Sheridan very informative well just glad to see u back on the scene take care!!!!!

Heath said...

I'm glad your back John, I was worried! Thanks for the cool post. Love your sketches.

mojo design said...

WOOHOO! It's great to see you back, bro. I love this sketch. It looks like it would be an awesome painting!

R.A. MacNeil said...

Awesome drawing. I'm1 looking forward to more posts.


Lee-Roy said...

Good to have you back. Wow, look how many people have been waiting with bated breath. Beautiful work. Am I right in understanding that you have studied with Karl Gnass? I'm taking a couple classes from him now. Sorry if I'm confused, but I was talking about blogs with some classmates the other day and I thought Karl mentioned something about teaching you. Anyway, keep up the blogging. Any old doodle with do! I'm sure you got em lying around!

Silas said...

Hi John,
you scared me there. I went to your class then you stopped posting! Glad you're back. I started a blog too... cause you told us to in class!!! Oh, I'm the guy who did the 3d brute character. --Frank

Mitch K said...

Alright! New post! And pirates at that!

Emily How said...

Hi John! Lovely work!

Doktor Viktor Von Kreep said...

Welcome back ghoul! Can't wait to see what you've been working on.

UM said...


Ben Reynolds said...

Thats a beautiful drawing John!..glad to hear you're still going to show us your drawings!

Maksim Nikonets said...

Perfectly! Perfectly! Perfectly!!!!I so a long time waited for updating! You are the best!

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