Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Amazing Charles Zembillas

Presenting my friend Charles Zembillas. Charles is the founder of the Animation Academy and Aside from being an amazing and inspiring teacher, he is also an awesome artist. Check out his development work for Spyro here at and his work Jak and Daxter at Charles, if you're reading this, you definitely need to get a book out showcasing your beautiful work. It'd be a bestseller for sure!


Le Tang said...

You have an amazing body of work.

Patrick Morgan said...

Charles is awesome. Truly passionate about his craft. So giving of his knowledge. Thanks Charles for the inspiration.


Frank M Hansen said...

You're right. A great example of developing a character. Really inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.

St John Street said...

awesome info John always looking out for others

Ray Villalba said...

Charles is the man. From my first semester to last nights class. Almost four years attending The Animation Academy school I've always been amazed and inspired by Charle's skills and knowledge. Theres no better character design teacher out there!

Ale Stop Motion said...

WOW! That's awesome...I wish I could draw like that...I'll gotta stick to clay!
Ale StopMotion

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