Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Uber Awesome Brad Goodchild

I'd like to give a huge thank you to my friend and mentor Brad Goodchild. He was my first director who gave me my first break in the biz 9 years ago, and I am forever greatful!!!!!! He's directed for PepperAnn (my first show) as well as many other various productions. Currently he's directing for Class of the Titans up at StudioB Productions in Canada, which looks just awesome!!! He recently started a blog here Aside from being a great friend, he's probably one of the best directors I know in the business and I truly, truly hope he comes back to Disney (... if they're smart and lucky enough to get him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Check out Class of the Titans near you!!!


St John Street said...

awesome post and info update once again

Anonymous said...

Do you still draw?

GhettoFab said...

great post! Odd that last night I made my wife watch clash of the titans with me last nite and lookin at this pic hehe.

animationGiant said...

great post, great links! Lots of inspiration!


Sandra Khoo said...

Heyas John, sorry for this late post but I'd just like to say a BIG Thank You for putting my link in among the other Titans out there. I'm definitely gonna check out Brad's blog and right now,your blog is now a great source to search out for all those other artists hiddn around the place. Thanx!;)

And Thanx for bringing some traffic over.

Clio said...

Whoa, neat! I went to the same school as the guy who designed the show (Kenny Park). Congrats to Brad! That is a super-nice looking show. The bgs look like a feature!

busterdog said...

Do you have his email

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