Thursday, December 08, 2005

On the Lookout...


Miah Alcorn said...

These are amazing John! What fantastic staging! And I can never see enough of your pencil work. Gettin' tones like these is a dicipline all on it's own, and you've definitley taken it to a whole new level. Just great stuff.

Anonymous said...

your drawings are inspirational! when you storyboard, do you draw them digitally or traditionally- pencil and paper?

Kristian Antonelli said...

i have been studying your layout and compostion..its Your work is a masterclass.. i need to get hold of your bits and pieces book..

SteveLambe said...

Beautiful as usual, John. Love the shapes in that tree.

I also got your sketchbook through Stuart NG last week. Very inspiring!

craig said...

Great stuff John!
I'm new to the whole blog thing but visit your site regularly. This whole art blog community thing is pretty inspiring.

Raymond Xu said...

I agree, great compositions, lovin the loose sketches. What advice would you have for a student like myself who is interested in the storyboarding field?

Clio said...

WOW, great trees!!

John Nevarez said...

Miah, Linton, Anon, Kristian, Craig, and Clio ...

Thank you, thank you all!!! As always, feeling your energy and support. Grazi, Grazi!!

Thank you so much for buying my book. Truly, truly appreciate it. BTW, will you have a book out?

Craig, thank you so much and welcome to BlogVille. Damn you got some sweet stuff on your blog. Great designs and awesome layouts. Will definitely come often to ooh and awe. Keep 'em coming!

Thank you so much my man. As far as storyboarding, I'm planning on giving some general notes on the future as far as how I approach boarding. Stay tuned and til then, keep drawing (maybe as a starter, try drawing looser, gesturally, and think emotion ... can you make a bubble person act? BTW, a bubble person is my way of a 3dimensional stick figure: eyes, mouth, extremities.

Andre Moore said...

you inspire me man! I love all your stuff. What are these boards for if you dont mind me asking?

Virginiajoe said...

beautiful background ;)

Sameer said...


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Wanda said...

This is so whimsical.