Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mas Comps

Mas Compositional thumbs.


the clownninja said...

awesome, its cool that you post stuff that shows your thought process.

Serapio Calm said...

Truly amazing! It's lke you had a brain machine that projected your thoughts onto paper!

Leo said...

Love these, I always have a hard time keeping my loose comp sketches clear and these thumbs are great examples of clarity and great composition...
Awesome work, John. I always remember how nice you were to me when I showed you my work at ComicCon! =)

St John Street said...

So brilliant even in the thumbnail stage, thanks again for showing these they will tremendously.

St John Street said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sumeet Surve said...

John nothing more I can say, but only that ur every artwork is incredibly awesome.eep up the gr8 work.

Anonymous said...

I love them.


Claude Bordeleau said...

WOWOWOWOWW! Your composition sketches are always inspiring!

Monkeyfeather said...

Gorgeous compositional studies John. You have a wonderful sense of layout and design, and know exactly where to focus the eye.

craig said...

great roughs John!

Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful as usual my friend. Great in so many areas John. Composition, tone, eye direction, staging, lighting, beautiful shapes . . .ah. Nice stuff man.


Shawn Scott Palmer said...

I always look forward to what you have on your blog. Thanks for the comment. I truly appreciate your opinion.

Alina Chau said...

John, these are very nice studies and composition!!

Tim Szabo said...

Beau-tee-ful. Great staging! Fun stuff.

Kyle Marshall said...

Your work is always inspiring. You are constantly drawing and forever trying to perfect your craft, yet you are already to good.

REE said...

Man, John is just toying with us...pulling from his stack to wipe our tears.
So carefree with the work. Hey, thanks for the John Hancock in the sketchbook. 1.

Calvin Tsang said...

What can I say, are the man. You are one of my biggest inspirations. Keep it coming!

Taesoo Kim said...

Nice layouts man. Very deep.

Fernando Velarde said...

Wow great style!

I've been checking all of your work from past months.
I got here by accident (following some links from Animation nation)

So what's your story? Currently working somewhere, freelance or still at school?

Good luck!


Patrick Morgan said...

So effortless. Amazing!

Merry Christmas John.

Heath said...

Awesome work John! Love your style! It looks like you really had fun with these sketches.

Bobby Chiu said...

awesome thumbs!!

Miah Alcorn said...

Fantastic as always John. Just great! I could go on for ages, but I'll do us all a favor and stop here. :)

David Colman said...

amazing staging but great design @ the same time... happy holidays John, I wanted to send you a card but dont know where you are now

Goro said...

wooow what a great blog! These concepts are awesome!

JeffNevins said...

Great work.

Don't know if you remember me- I was in a BG design class you taught a few years ago at the Animation Academy.

Take care.

Brian Growe said...

Wow, those are beautiful compositions! great work!

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