Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some Early Concepts

Here are some early concepts I did for a game company about 3 years ago. These were done fairly quickly to suggest varying design possibilities (about 5-10 minutes each). Though the schedule was tight, it was a lot of fun!!!


Sumeet Surve said...

Very nice John. I like the robot designs a lot.....

B. said...

I love the big blue monster with the gun!

nice one!


Gulzar Junaid said...

Sir let me take this opportunity to say “thank you”. you are truly inspiring for artist like us…I mean I always make a point to see your blog…and sir am saying this from the bottom of my heart…you do make a difference…
I wish you that you keep sketching more like this…n inspire us all. Never fail to amaze us.
All the best! God bless!I love all your works here... :)

Chris Bivins said...

John, nice character designs. I think I know what you mean now about pushing my designs more. Really appriciate your input.

Xavier said...

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