Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Sketchbook

And now time for a shameless plug. I'd like to introduce my personal sketchbook, "Bits & Pieces". It is a collection of drawings I have done within the past year.

I hope to do another book in the form of an "Art of Xochitl" book for next year. I'll keep you posted. This sketchbook can be purchased through http://www.stuartngbooks.com/ or through "House of Secrets" Comics in Burbank. They sell for $10. You can also buy them from me by check at my email - jnevarez34@charter.net. I'm not sure what the postage will be, but I anticipate it will be about $2-$3 (I'll post the information as soon as I know). Should you buy from me, I will attach a sketch as a most sincere thank you. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to talking with you.

As a side note, I'd like to thank Patrick Morgan and his fiance Gwen for their friendship and support. He was my booth buddy at this year's ComicCon. I learned so much from him and I truly thank them both. Check out his amazing sketchbook at www.patrickmorganart.blogspot.com.

I also want to thank Steve Silver, who from a long time ago encouraged me to publish something. He's been a great friend and inspiration. Of course his work can be seen at www.stephensilver.blogspot.com .

And I'd like to thank my bud Jose Lopez, my buddy and one truly amazing kickass artist. See his work at www.desoluz.blogspot.com.


Claude Bordeleau said...

I'm definitely a fan of your style!

Daniel Chappelle said...

Great Book!! I can't wait to get a copy!

I will wait to purchase direct from you! So please post the details when you are ready to ship.

One question, I have a blog and want to post pictures, etc.

Can you tell me how you got your site to be black?
My blog is at http://madmanmagic.blogspot.com/

I hate the dots thing, and need to find out how to start posting my own sketches!

Kactiguy said...

I can't wait to get one. I'm sure it is killer. Congats on the Cartoon Brew thing.

Dave James said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dave James said...


I've seen your sketchbook and it is awesome as usual.


What is the brand of pencil shown in these pictures and what is the grade of softness?



Eren said...

Definately going to pick up your sketchbook at house of secrets! John, your blog is awesome, so happy you started one!! Congrats again on being featured on cartoon brew!

Elliot said...

There are pirates in it.
What more could one want?

Sandra Khoo said...

WWaaaa,shameful plug nothing! These are FANTASTIC!!! Oh where oh where can I get a copy?!?!?!*sob sob* Just so you know, you've made a fan out of me. ;)

Dik Pose said...

I GOTTA get your book!! Cant wait man!

Alina Chau said...

Really COOL Sketchbooks!! Can't wait to see more of your works!!

donnachada said...

Cool. I'm gonna run right out to HOS an get it. Thanks for letting us know. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Matt J said...

Good looking book John, congrats on getting it published. Any way I can get one through Paypal?

Smook said...

Good luck with the book, John! I think I'll need to pick this one up......

Yathin said...

Great job John.
If any time, you're looking for a job in Europe, tell me.
you can enter in contact with me thru my site:

great ;))))

Ron Catiggay said...

I noticed you posted at 2 a.m. in the morning. Ever heard of sleeping? I guess if I could draw like that I'd stay up that late to! Oh, and Sonya says "Hi!"

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Awesome stuff, oh how I wish I could draw.


John Nevarez said...

Thank you, thank you so much to everyone!!! Truly appreciate, and definitely feelin' the love!!!

I'll be going to your blog to help you answer the image thing.

the pencil you see is a Woodless Pencil 6B Lead. Great for sketching!

Matt J-
Unfortunately I'm not set with Paypal, so check is the best way for now.

Thank you soo much for the offer!!!! Truly appreciate it. Right now things are good in Burbank, but I'll definitely keep in it mind. BTW, beautiful work on the site!

Ron (Bud!),
You know me!! Venti Americano is the key to staying up late. Thanks so much for the nice words! We got to do lunch sometime. Say Hello so Sonya for me.

Thank you so much!!! Just pick up a pencil and let 'er flow!!

Chris Bivins said...

John this is real nice stuff. Next time I get some money, Im going to get it.

Rob said...

I have students in my art class using your drawings as quality drawings to practice with - great stuff!

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