Saturday, August 13, 2005

My first post

This is my very first post. Hello and welcome to my blogspot!


Anonymous said...

Geeze John, don't you ever do a crap drawing?!?
Great stuff as always... bastard. =)
Scott H.

John Nevarez said...

Scott, Thanks so much!! Feelin' the love! Hope you are well. Keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Hi John! I had the pleasure of meetin you at the San Diego Con and purchased your sketchbook. Awesome work and very inspirational. Keep up the great work and look foward to your future posts. -Paul

CosmicPencil said...

Hey John!

I have been watching your stuff up at sketchbook sessions....I have started my own blogspot, but unfortunately do not know how to post images up in it, so I was hoping that you could help me out!!!
BTW great stuff up here


John Nevarez said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. And an extended thank you for purchasing my sketchbook. Hope you enjoy it. I hope to post more work soon.

Matt (CosmicPencil)-
Thanks so much for your gracious words. I'll send a note on your blog to help you post images. Can't wait to see your work. BTW- love the "Chemical Romance" poster - great job!!!


Anonymous said...

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Eli said...

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